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Call 111 - When it is less urgent than 999

Out of Hours

If you need urgent medical attention when the surgery is closed please telephone 0161 368 5224 and please listen to the information regarding out of hours cover service. You will be asked for details of your illness and the doctor on-call will assess whether you need advice, to be seen at the treatment centre or require a visit. Your doctor is informed of all contacts made to out of hours service.

NHS 111

24-hour nurse-led advice and health information service.

Telephone 111

Click here to view our normal opening hours.

Below are a list of dates when the practice is closed from 12pm for staff training (we reopen at 8am the following day on each of these occasions):

Thursday 18th June 2020

Thursday 16th July 2020

Thursday 17th September 2020

Thursday 15th October 2020

Thursday 19th November 2020.

We are also closed all day on the following national holiday dates:

Monday 25th May 2020

Monday 31st August 2020

Friday 25th December 2020

Monday 28th December 2020

During these times should you require urgent medical attention you should contact NHS 111 either by phone or via their website in the first instance.

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