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Upcoming Covid Vaccination Clinics Posted on 14 Mar 2022

Hello all,

Please find the below Covid Vaccine Clinics for Hyde at our new Drive Thru site at British Gas, Stockport Road, Hattersley SK14 3QU. Anyone who would like to book their 1st dose or 2nd dose of Pfizer vaccine can book into any of these clinics. Furthermore, we are also doing a mop up clinic of outstanding 2nd AstraZeneca doses.

Remember, holiday and festivals season is coming up and being fully vaccinated is the best way to protect yourselves from Coronavirus and also to avoid those costly testing regimes required by many countries for entry and upon your return to the UK. You can book for your vaccine on the following link. 

If you have any issues when booking, please call the Healthy Hyde Team on the Covid Vaccine Hotline on 0161 368 5426 and we will be happy to help.

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