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Changes to restrictions during COVID-19 Posted on 31 Jul 2020

Following governments announcement on new rules for gatherings in some parts of Northern England, I would just like to update you on how this affects Tameside and our communities.


With Greater Manchester being one of the areas in Northern England to whom the new rules apply, this means that Tameside residents will need to follow the latest guidelines issued by government.


The full details of that announcement, including a Q&A are at the links below which includes information for tradespeople, child minding and travelling in and out of the area.


The new restrictions mean:

·         You cannot meet people from other households in your home or garden. Household support bubbles are exempt

·         You cannot visit someone else’s home or garden, even if they live outside of the affected areas

·         You can only go to pubs, bars and restaurants with people you live with or your support bubble.

·         Up to two households (or six people from a number of households) may meet outdoors in public space with social distancing (not in gardens).

·         Places of worship and other settings with strict COVID secure arrangements remain open.

·         Try not to share a vehicle with those outside of your household unless it is part of a school or work bubble 

The new rules will not require any of our public venues to close and people living inside and outside of this area can continue to travel in and out for work. Workplaces must implement Covid-19 Secure guidance.


Unless new restrictions are specifically set out in the guidance then the situation is as is before July 31.


You will find all current guidelines for individuals, businesses and self-employed at


This announcement has come following an increasing trend in the number of cases per 100,000 people in Greater Manchester, and data suggesting that transmission among households is a key contributing factor to the spread of the virus.


The GM rate of new infections for the 7-day period  ending 28 July 2020 is 24.5 cases per 100k population (689 new cases).  The previous 7-day period was 16.3 per 100k (459 cases).  All areas in GM increased between the two periods except Rochdale.


The Tameside rate of new infections for the 7-day period ending 28 July 2020 is 16.0 cases per 100k population (36 new cases).  The previous 7-day period was 9.8 per 100k (22 cases).


These restrictions will come as a huge disappointment to everyone, but we must react quickly to maintain control.  We need to take this precautionary measure to ensure that we don’t risk a continued rise in the number of cases.  We need to prevent further spread of the virus not only in Tameside but join together to support a reduction in cases across Greater Manchester as a whole.  We need to protect ourselves and our loved ones and the more we all stick to the new rules, the sooner the restrictions can be lifted.  The new rules will be monitored weekly and I will of course keep you updated on any further changes.  


I am so proud of the way our Tameside communities have responded to this Pandemic so far.  We have really rallied together and looked after each other - whether that’s been through the vital roles of our key workers, volunteering, safely reopening our borough and following guidelines in the face of personal and financial challenges.  We need to retain our commitment to preventing the spread of the virus and I would encourage everyone to adhere to the new guidelines.


Eid al-Adha

For many members of our borough celebrating Eid this weekend, the new restrictions will certainly come as a blow.  However, again, I am confident that our residents will follow the new rules to protect the ones they love from catching coronavirus.  


New rules mean you should not host or visit friends and family in each other’s homes or gardens except where you have formed a support bubble.  You also should not meet friends and family in other venues – including restaurants or cafes.


Up to two households, or six people from any number of households may meet outdoors (excluding people’s gardens) where there is a lower risk of infection.  If you do so, you should still socially distance from those you do not live with, and avoid physical contact.


You may attend a mosque or other place or worship, where Covid-19 Secure guidance applies, but you must socially distance from people outside of your household.  This means maintaining a distance of 2 metres, or 1 metre with mitigations (such as wearing face coverings).


You can find further information and guidance on the Muslim Council of Britain website and attached is a helpful infographic to share


Weddings and Funerals

By their very nature, weddings and funerals bring families and friends together, and so they are particularly vulnerable to the spread of COVID-19.  Wedding ceremony and Funeral service guidance remains the same, however, the new restrictions mean that you cannot host or attend a reception or wake in each other’s homes or gardens except where you have formed a support bubble.  You also should not meet friends and family in other venues – including restaurants or pubs but can attend venues as a household.


We are engaging in conversations with our funeral directors and families to whom this affects as families may consider deferring a celebration or memorial service, until the new social restrictions are lifted and at a time when attendance can take place safely.  


Care Homes

At this time, you should not visit friends or family in care homes, other than in exceptional circumstances.  We are speaking with all our care homes who should restrict visits to these circumstances.



The government will pass new laws to enforce the changes to meeting people in private homes and gardens.  The police will be able to take action against those that break these rules, including asking people to disperse and issuing fixed penalty notices (starting at £100 – halving to £50 if paid in the first 14 days – and doubling for subsequent offences).  We will work closely with GMP and will have officers around the borough this weekend to support with the new guidelines. As has always been the approach, officers adopt the engage, explain, encourage, enforce approach to the new rules.


Please take care of yourselves and others,


Thank you



Councillor Brenda Warrington

Executive Leader

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